Thanks to the Historical Society of Butler County, on July 27 through 31, 2016, a group of artists called the Walldogs came to the City.  They painted these wonderful murals that depict the history of Butler.  This is a must see when visiting the City of Butler…

So where in the world are the Walldog Murals?

A) East wall of 140 E. Jefferson Street – Coca Cola

B) East wall of 114 W. Diamond Street – ARMCO

C) 101 S. Main Street – Butler Brew Works

D) south wall of 117 S. McKean Street – Diners & Drive-Ins

E) west wall of 123 W. New Castle Street – American Bantam Jeep

F) south wall of W. Vogley Street/Tier Garage – Standard Steel Car Co.

G) south wall of 242-246 S. Main Street – General Richard Butler

H) south wall of 204 N. Main Street – Butler Mail Delivery

I) north wall of 218 N. McKean Street – Cooper Cabin

J) south wall of 123 W. Diamond Street – “Uncle Billy” William Smith



Butler Downtown is a grassroots revitalization initiative involving local citizens and people from business, education, government and community organizations throughout the region.

Butler, PA was named one of the Best 20 Small Towns in America by Smithsonian Magazine.

Did you know the jeep was born here? Butler also hosts the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, which in 2011 broke the Guinness World Record for most jeeps in a parade.