Why doesn’t my street get salted?
Each street in the city is on what is called a “salt run”. The city has 4 runs (sections of the city) and the streets are prioritized as to which streets, and the order of the streets; are salted. Top priority is the Ambulance Emergency Run, followed by topography (hills) and followed then by volume of traffic. During heavy accumulation of snow, many streets are salted and eventually become bad again because of conditions. It may appear that “your” street was never salted when actually it was.

Do we have a landfill (dump)?
Yes, but it’s for “Official Use” only.

Butler Downtown is a grassroots revitalization initiative involving local citizens and people from business, education, government and community organizations throughout the region.

Butler, PA was named one of the Best 20 Small Towns in America by Smithsonian Magazine.

Did you know the jeep was born here? Butler also hosts the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, which in 2011 broke the Guinness World Record for most jeeps in a parade.